Thursday, May 30, 2013

baby girl | orange county, ny newborn photographer


Here's an admission: I always feel a little trepidation when I walk into a new client's home. I have no idea if we'll get along (though I end up good friends with so many of my clients), I have no idea if there will be enough light (even though I know that if you have windows or a door, there will be enough light) and I have no idea what the newborn, toddler, or quads (no, I've never photographed quads) will think of my camera. Or me. But when I walked into this Orange County family's home, I knew immediately that we were going to get along. Why? Because there were beautiful framed photos of their family everywhere. Everywhere! The entryway, the stairwell, the master bedroom, all hallways. And I'm slightly jealous of the gorgeous maternity shots that I, sadly, did not get to take. I am so pleased with the photographs from this session and can't wait to see them up on the walls!

Orange_County_Newborn_1 Orange_County_Newborn_4 Orange_County_Newborn_5 Orange_County_Newborn_6 Orange_County_Newborn_10 Orange_County_Newborn_9 Orange_County_Newborn_11 Orange_County_Newborn_8 Orange_County_Newborn_12 Orange_County_Newborn_7 Orange_County_Newborn_3

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Saturday, May 4, 2013

glynwood | hudson valley farms


Six years ago, when I first moved to Cold Spring, I was a writer and producer for magazines. My first glimpse of Glynwood--a 225-acre farm and non-profit dedicate to fostering sustainable farming--was for a story. Diane Hatz and Sustainable Table were touring the country and making a stop at Glynwood, where we'd photograph her. How very convenient, I thought. Instead of traveling hundreds of miles, like I did for most of my shoots, I hopped into my car, turned up Main Street, and voila, I was at work, five minutes later. And while I was there, the coolest thing happened.

I've told this story before, I know, but, well, this is my blog, so I can tell it again if I want to. While I was there, I met Carolyn and Dave Llwelleyn, who were there for an interview. Dave would go on to take the job, become the head farmer for Glynwood's CSA, which I would then join (see those tomatoes below? That was from just one pickup last August!). Carolyn and I would become friends and cohorts in our love of orange and chocolate. Our daughters are growing up together (hers has gone from EJ to Elaine June to just Elaine and I haven't quite adjusted). And, as an aside, that change in tense in the previous sentence may be one of the reasons I switched over from writer to photographer. Just sayin'.

Anyhow, my point is this: My most recent job felt like a circle completed. Glynwood has a new president, the completely sweet and energetic Kathleen Frith, and her office hired me to take her headshots as well as some other staff members, including a bunch of new, exciting hires. Valerie Burchby, whose cheery face I first experienced at the veggie shed last year, is now Glynwood's program assistant and organized the shoot where I got to meet Jason Wood, the new culinary director and Alena Kaufman, their event coordinator who has hair I lust after. Plus, there's Isabel Lopatin, whose photo I included in this post because a) I love it b) her eyes are beautifully connective and c) she has a name that belongs in a novel. And along those full circle lines, get this: Farmer Dave, who've I tortured for years during family portrait sessions, was (shockingly?) the one who actually recommended me for the gig.

I've spent years photographing families and kids (both human and goat variety) at Glynwood and while I am NO landscape photographer, I occasionally stumble upon some breathtaking scenes. And I figured I'd share some with you here. The boathouse in fog came from an early morning Llewellyn family session. The due drops and sunrise in the gardening shed were from a scouting mission. And is there anything more amazing than baby goats snuggling? (Maybe baby goats nursing?)

Glynwood_Blog_b Glynwood_Blog_2 Glynwood_Blog_4 Glynwood_Blog_6 Glynwood_Blog_a Kathleen_Frith_Glynwood Glynwood_Blog_9 Glynwood_Blog_c Glynwood_Blog_3 Glynwood_Blog_f Glynwood_Blog_g Glynwood_Blog_h Glynwood_Blog_d

Friday, May 3, 2013

living yoga | hudson valley yoga

Living_Yoga_Cold_Spring_1 I have an admission to make: I don't practice yoga. I may be the only one in all of Cold Spring, nay, in the entire Hudson Valley that doesn't. I am not proud. But it did make this job slightly ironic. These three gorgeous beings, the forces behind Cold Spring's Living Yoga, were creating stunning poses on top of a roof overlooking that amazing view, and where was I? I was lying on the ground, contorting my body into unrealistic positions to capture all that abundant healthy beauty. And I will say, I was inspired. So much so that next time Courtney Tarpley or Liz Shulman offers once an all day intro to yoga session, I am so totally signing up. And I'm still planning on asking Richard Villella--who has spent two decades healing those with chronic pain--to help me too. Hear that Richard? *** Oh, and PS, I know that technically, there is an order to the sun salutation. I don't know it (see above) and nor did I include every photo. Enjoy these out of order positions. Living_Yoga_Cold_Spring_2 Living_Yoga_Cold_Spring_3 Living_Yoga_Cold_Spring_4 Living_Yoga_Cold_Spring_5 Living_Yoga_Cold_Spring_6 Living_Yoga_Cold_Spring_7 Living_Yoga_Cold_Spring_8 Living_Yoga_Cold_Spring_9 Living_Yoga_Cold_Spring_10