Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Coleco Vision | Hudson Valley Family Photographer


When I was little, ColecoVision was a big deal. And yes, I'm aging myself here. My mom is Greek and somehow let out that in Greek, koleko means (her word) tushie. So my sister and I would run around the house screaming TUSHIE VISION over and over. Hysterical, right? We thought so. It's a fond memory, and one I thought about again when looking through this session to blog. I mean, how chic are these coleco-covers? This is a way-off topic way of introducing these two beautiful sisters, who I had the pleasure to photograph in Poughkeepsie last year. I couldn't get enough of their creamy skin and sparkly eyes. But the best part of the session: watching (and capturing!) the first steps of a toddler. I can't wait to watch these sisters grow up... and run around the house screaming TUSHIE!!


Monday, November 12, 2012

fall foliage | Rockland County Family Photography

I'm playing catch up (again) and am excited to share some fall sessions from last year. Danielle--an interior designer, find her at Gelb Interiors if you're in the market for some great taste!--really wanted fall foliage photos, and the day of her session was just perfect. She took me to a beautiful park in Suffern and I was just smitten. Beautiful paths, serene reflective ponds, old stone walls. Plus her kiddos--twins!--have the most mesmerizing eyes. Danielle had inspiring plans for these photos--including and one transformed into wallpaper for her kids playroom! I can't wait to see the result.

Rockland_County_Family_Photographer_2 Rockland_County_Family_Photographer_3 Rockland_County_Family_Photographer_4 Rockland_County_Family_Photographer_5 Rockland_County_Family_Photographer_6 Rockland_County_Family_Photographer_7 Rockland_County_Family_Photographer_8 Rockland_County_Family_Photographer_9 Rockland_County_Family_Photographer_10 Rockland_County_Family_Photographer_11 Rockland_County_Family_Photographer_12 Rockland_County_Family_Photographer_13 Rockland_County_Family_Photographer_14

Thursday, November 8, 2012

fall snow • hudson valley family photographer

This beautiful fall snow is reminding me of my fall minis last year, which looked a little more winter than fall. This one is still a favorite. The first session of the day, and the snow (and subjects!) was just perfect.