Friday, January 7, 2011

snow day!

2001 January Snow Day Shoot-013

So this is the second post in a row where there are kids outside in the cold. Without coats. Please don't report me. I had the kids outside for five minutes, max. Promise. And they look happy, no? Perhaps it was the tickle of snowflakes on their tiny noses. Or maybe it was the promise of hot chocolate. We'll never know.

Snow Day
Sisters in Snow

Thursday, January 6, 2011

baby it's cooold outside

To River

It's not always easy to photograph outdoors during the winter, but these kids were major troopers! And mom was a love for letting the kids out of the house without jackets! We kept warm with lots of running and skipping. We pranced down to the train station, pretended to be conductors (love that hat!) and models (love those faces!). When the sun started setting, we ducked into the Cold Spring Depot for warmth and some well-deserved fries. It was a great session, so beware of the long post...

Cold Spring Waterfront
Boy Running
Cold Spring Gazebo
Depot and Fire
Cold Spring Depot