Tuesday, June 23, 2009

{Polkadots and Stripes}

PW is supposedly a newborn. His mom tells me he's only 9 days old. But he was determined to stay awake for our entire session. His arms wiggled, his feet wiggled. I have lots of blurry limbed photos. Still, the shoot was super fun. PW's mom is big into quilting and knitting, so we got to model some awesome graphic fabrics, like these stripes from Heather Ross, which coordinates with that awesome diaper cover. And we put him in a puddle of hand dyed yarn. (PW thought this was a terrible idea and wanted to nap in his crib instead. I did manage to get this one shot before the crying kicked in.) Lots more photos to come.

Monday, June 15, 2009

{Happy Birthday B!}

A, my 10 month old has 1 friend (ah, the life of a second child), and that's little B, who just turned 1. His mom put on a wonderfully intimate party with music class buddies, older siblings, and, my favorite, sweet potato cupcakes. A was passed around while I took photos.

That's A, ready for a nap.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

{Fairies and Elfs}

AS and T shared a due date (a couple years apart), and their birthday party. It was full of fairies and elves and lots and lots of cake. Don't you love those tired fairies sitting on the tree stumps? And mama fairy looked pretty darn great, dontcha think? It was a wonderful day and I've got tons of great shots to sort through...

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


There's a barn raising this weekend in Cold Spring and it got me thinking about farm fresh food. The tastiest produce I've had was in Brittany, where somehow they manage to grow artichokes the size of soccer balls (no, you wouldn't eat a flowering one, but it sure is pretty, isn’t it?). But the North Fork of Long Island (where I met KK Haspel, a biodynamic farmer who grows deliciously ugly heirloom tomatoes for two of my favorite chefs–Claudia Fleming and her husband Gerry Hayden) churns out some amazing produce too. If you vacation there this summer, make sure to make a reservation at the North Fork Table & Inn. In fact, you should book a room just to eat Claudia’s scones the next morning.

Monday, June 1, 2009

{My first Mendhi}

The beautiful Arti got hitched a month back, and I've been remiss in sharing photos. Here are some from her Mendhi ceremony, the day before the wedding, when her husband's name was decorated onto her palm with henna. It was a painstaking process, involving lemon juice, sugar, and lots of patience. The house smelled of sweet Indian spices—her mother's cooking is not to be missed—and the family spent a lot of time fawning over the newest member of the family (adorable Jivan, below). I’ll post photos of her actual wedding ceremony soon. They’re bright and colorful and not to be missed.

{Missing Italy}

A couple years ago, right around now, I was basking in the glory of Italy. And by basking, I mean getting stuck in a frightening anti-Bush rally while carrying luggage and standing next to my husband, who was wearing (gasp) shorts. It was as if we had We Are American, Please Hate Us signs on our backs. But I can forgive and forget, if only because it was truffle season in Italy and I had The Best Meal Of My Life (ravioli smothered in local olive oil and fresh picked truffles) in Chianti. Yum.

Another Weekend, Another Wedding

Tis the season for weddings, and this beauty was at the Yale Club in NYC. The bride looks so happy, doesn't she? And those two kids were adorable, blowing bubbles on the amazing roof deck.


Wanna know my style. Here it is!