Monday, November 23, 2009

{Sneak Peak: Ladies G and E}




To be in the presence of newborn twins is a gift. Seriously. I don't mean to get all weepy, but these two little girls were amazing, like an entire spectrum of emotions playing out at once. And mom likes interesting prints and patterns just as much as I do; we had a blast. So while I'm supposed to be editing holiday card photos, I really wanted to throw a few of these up to share. Look how sweet!

{On the Farm}


Glynwood is one of the best things about living in Cold Spring. It’s almost a bucolic cliché—the big red barn, roaming horses, heritage hens that lay blue eggs with the yellowiest yolks I’ve ever seen. This family lives on the farm: Dad farms the CSA acreage, Mom hosts play dates showing off baby farm animals and makes a mean quiche with Glynwood produce. I had a blast photographing them for their holiday card.




Tuesday, November 10, 2009

{Mini Photo Sessions!}


I've been terrible about blogging lately, largely because I've been super busy editing photos from my recent mini sessions (above is one of my favorites). And I'm about to get busier. The folks at one of my favorite furniture stores, Hammertown, have asked me to do another day of mini-photo sessions at their store in Pine Plains on November 22nd. Go to their website for details!