Wednesday, April 25, 2012

elissa josse design

I got to spend a whole day (a whole day!) shooting with the super talented Brooklyn-based Elissa Josse. I love her design work and am so lucky that she's in my life, both personally and professionally. Then she got too lazy (too busy?) to create her own darn website. So I'm posting her work here. If you are in need of custom invitations or stationary, she's your gal! Elissa_Josse_d Elissa_Josse_e Elissa_Josse_1 Elissa_Josse_2 Elissa_Josse_b Elissa_Josse_c Elissa_Josse_f Elissa_Josse_a

Thursday, April 19, 2012



I mean, really. How cute are these?

Monday, April 16, 2012

{a confession}

I have watched General Hospital. A lot of General Hospital. Oh, there are the excuses: When my sister and her friend Carin (yes, I am calling you out) were in junior high, and I was a measly sixth grader, they got home first from school, and thus controlled the remote. Then I went to college. And who has time to watch tv in college? Well, seniors who were waaaay to ambitious in their first 7 semesters and only needed 5 credits to graduate, that's who. My next foray was actually the best excuse. When my grandfather passed away, I decided to live with my grandmother for a summer and guess what she watched? Telenovelas, that's what. LOTS of them. Most were in Spanish, but she also indulged religiously in GH. Yup, we bonded over Anna and Robin and Felicia and... So all of this is to explain why I was so darn excited to shoot this family. Cause Daddy--who was visiting his sister here in NY--is a General Hospital director! How cool is that? He gets to hang with Sonny and Jason and Alexis (love her!) all day long. And get paid. He was not only not weirded out by my geeky admission, he was super sweet about it. Not surprising considering he's the brother of one of my nicest clients. So it was a pleasure to capture this photo, one of my favorite family photos ever.


{one summer day} • hudson valley photographer


This crazy summer weather has me remembering this super hot day, 2 years ago (is that possible?). Somehow, despite the 90 degree heat, the kids still had the energy to jump up and down on the bed. I can't believe it took me this long to share...


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

{strength} • rockland county photographer

I did a fun--and freezing--shoot with the trainer Jenn Strober for her updated website. Jenn is a pilates/yoga instructor and nutritionist in Rockland county (check her out here!) We did most of the shoot outdoors by the river, and it wasn't one of those 80 degree March days, it was a 40 degree March day. She was totally game. And then we went into my studio to shoot yoga poses and I convinced her to let me shoot some abstract body parts. I love the result: